Hi there, I’m Jen and I started a supper club for the glutenless!  We meet about every other month in Portland, OR to eat, drink and socialize – come and join us for our next event!

I relocated from Tampa, FL to Portland, OR in July 2013 and was thrilled to learn about all the gluten free options this wonderful city has to offer!  In an attempt to explore the vast array of local GF restaurants and meet other lovely glutenless people, I created Portland’s GF Supperclub in November 2013.  Thanks to my husband Ken (and his excellent Christmas gift giving skills), I now have this fantastic website to share recipes, information about our events and all things gluten free.

I learned of my gluten/wheat allergy in October 2011 via an elimination diet.  It was recommended to me by a nutritionist in Tampa after many years of illness and lots of prescriptions, misdiagnoses and threats of surgery from doctors.  When I realized the true culprit, the thought of having to permanently give up bread, pasta and pizza was devastating.  But when I realized how amazingly healthy I could feel by simply eliminating gluten from my diet, it seemed like a fair trade.  Thankfully, I now live in a city that makes GF living easy!

So, here we are… a supper club with a gluten problem.  We try to schedule an event at a local restaurant about every other month to enjoy a delicious meal, see familiar faces and meet new people.  Naturally, our events have lead to recipe sharing, product/restaurant recommendations and general GF lifestyle support, the likes of which will be shared on this site.  This is an interactive website, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections, submit your favorite recipe(s) and RSVP for our upcoming events.

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you find it helpful!


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